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Put your products in front of a global arts and culture community

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Reach more customers

Increase Revenue
New Customers

Smartify Marketplace supports bricks-and-mortar museum shops by connecting them with arts and culture lovers around the world.

Promote products to audiences when they’re most engaged – alongside audio tours, on artwork pages and in post-visit messages.

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Smartify app

Easily integrate with the systems you use already

Fast set up
Full control

Smartify Marketplace connects to your existing e-commerce platform including Shopify, Magento and more, so you can get up and running quickly.

Listings are updated automatically, and you retain full control of shipping, prices and how products are presented.

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Smartify app

Here to help you reach a ready-made audience


Put your products in front of people who’ll love them with in-app advertisements, push notifications, email and more.

We’ll help you with marketing campaigns and data analysis, as well as your initial set-up and ongoing maintenance.

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Smartify app

Dedicated product analytics dashboard


See how users are engaging with your products. Find out where they’re shopping from and how they’re discovering your collection from tours, objects and more.

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”Working for Arts Council England as Ecommerce Champion, I spoke with many museums, galleries and cultural institutions about their challenges. I joined Smartify to provide a seamless retail solution - integrating the sales path into digital content and creating commercial opportunities in real time. Smartify re-targets and promotes products at the right time to the right customer, whether on-site or at home. It is a valuable tool for the sector.”

Emma Roberts, Smartify's Head of eCommerce