Visitor Guide

A straightforward and powerful visitor engagement solution for the culture sector.

Smartify app

Reimagining the onsite experience

Audio Guide
Visitor Experience

It’s time to give your visitors a personalised experience that is state of the art.

Give them the enjoyment and satisfaction of object recognition, create meaningful engagement based on behavioural insights and provide world-class digital experiences.

Smartify delivers a connected, on-brand digital offering that creates a better experience for your visitors and members.

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Smartify app

Connect before, during and after the visit

User Segmentation
Global Audience

Want real-time engagement? Intelligent use of data and geolocation delivers automated notifications to current and potential visitors before, during and after their visit.

Visitors looking at a particular artwork? Promote related merchandise or tours! Major upcoming exhibition? Target audiences who love that subject.

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Smartify app

An easy-to-use management dashboard

Online Management Platform
Drag-and-Drop Tools
Real-Time Updates

Created and used by the world's leading museums and attractions, our user-friendly online dashboard lets you build everything from a single tour to a full membership offering - no technical skills required.

Our set of easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools connects to your existing collections, ticketing, shop and more.

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More platform features

Image and Object Recognition

Our signature scanning technology instantly identifies art, objects and architecture so visitors can discover the stories behind each piece.

Custom Mobile Web and Native App

Provide a custom branded experience that works in a mobile browser or native app. Low data consumption. Available offline. Accessible anywhere.


The only visitor guide rated AAA for accessibility. Delight audiences with a slick digital interface designed for all. Multiple languages as standard.

Audience Insights

With detailed analytics and demographic data presented in a user-freindly dashboard, you can finally understand what audiences do, making data-driven operational decisions.

Wayfinding and Maps

Help visitors navigate with geo-located maps, custom interactive wayfinding and blue-dot navigation. No beacons required!

Complete Integration for Seamless Visitor Journeys

Make the transaction easy by integrating with ticketing, membership promotions, donations and the online shop.

”An app designed to complement, not compete with, the physical experience of visiting a museum.”

Hannah McGivern

The Art Newspaper