Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Kelvingrove Museum

Kelvingrove Museum opened in 1901 and today remains a firm favourite with locals and visitors. It has stunning architecture and displays an astonishing 8000 objects, including natural history, arms and armour, art from many art periods, and much more.

The Goal

Like many institutions, Kelvingrove's existing IT architecture hindered the creation and delivery of engaging digital guides for visitors. To address this, Kelvingrove needed an easy-to-use and flexible tool that could complement the existing collections management systems and support the creation of narratives in multiple languages.

Smartify’s Solution

Smartify integrated the collection of 8000 objects in a matter of weeks. Our cloud-based software catalogued and organised the collection, making it easy for staff to add additional content such as Youtube videos, hyperlinks to the museum website, maps, and audio guides. The intuitive design made it easy for users to understand, and we also ran training sessions for staff and volunteers to get them set up and running with the software.

The Results

Kelvingrove uses the Smartify platform to deliver tours in French and German, as well as working with community groups to create tours with interpretation from local people. With such a diverse collection, Kelvingrove has relied on Smartify’s flexible software to present each collection item in its best light.

Kelvingrove Smartify Ross Sneddon

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