Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is London’s defining landmark, with hundreds of thousands of visitors from local areas worldwide. It is a unique monument: a working bridge, listed building, learning space, events venue, and a national icon.

The Goal

The Tower Bridge team wanted a guide that could deliver a deeper, more personal engagement for every visitor, helping them to dive into some of the countless stories that don’t feature in the physical interpretation displays.

Smartify’s Solution

We produced an hour-long Highlights Tour that places the authentic voices of Tower Bridge at its heart by conducting a series of interviews with a cross-section of its staff. We also supported the Bridge team in transitioning to offering a Bring-Your-Own-Device mobile guide solution. This included consultancy on signage, best-practice examples of promoting a guide for maximum take-up, and training staff.

The Results

35% of visitors now elect to take the Smartify-powered audio guide, which allows them to hear some of the secrets, stories, and surprises of the Bridge told by its very own staff, enriched by unique images—and brought together in a uniquely personal, human experience. Clear on-site signage lets everyone know the tour is available.

Learn more about the tour and listen HERE.

A visitor at Tower Bridge takes the audio tour on Smartify

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